The Secrets Of Body Language
Author: Iren Nova
Released 2013
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Human life would be unimaginable without communication. The ability to express one’s feelings and understanding how others feel is the key to success in life. Our social needs such as affection and companionship can be met only if we master the art of communication. The Secrets Of Body Language gives you an overview of the most overlooked part of human interactions – nonverbal communication. By listening to this book you will learn how our instincts protect us by governing our behavior. Our bodies are giving clues of our needs, wishes and intentions every single moment. Not only face but whole body is giving signals about how we feel – our torso, legs, feet, arms and hands are telling stories one has to have a keen eye to pick up. The Secrets Of Body Language gives a thoroughgoing overview on general behavior as well as on each of the body parts and signals they give. Once you have learned how to understand these signals, you will see the world in a much more deeper way. You will be able to speak and understand two languages – the language of sound and words and the silent language of our bodies.