The Language Of Flirting
Author: Iren Nova
Released 2013
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How to approach and start the conversation? How to attack the attention? And in addition to that how to behave naturally? How to overcome the fear that you might be rejected? These questions are relevant for everybody: young men and young women experience the same fear in getting acquainted with the opposite sex. We have written this book especially for you. This book will tell you about the problem for both sides: you will find out what exactly are the girls afraid of, what are the men worried about, you will see points of contact and learn how to overcome fear of meeting someone as well as gain comprehensive knowledge of the art of flirting. Stop suffering from loneliness – «Language Of Flirting» will tell you how to make the partner like you right from the beginning, how to behave on a first date, how to find the right mental attitude, and much more!