40 Interview Icebergs and How to Sail Round Them
Author: Michael Heath
Released 2013
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You only have to look at Franklin’s quote to realise why I wanted to talk about Interview ‘Icebergs’. So many people go for interviews and sail along merrily before steering straight into the iceberg that sinks their application there and then. Some icebergs are obvious; some less so. But isn’t it nice to know what they are? You’ll find 8 ‘Iceberg Zones’ in this book: all are deadly. That’s why I’ve approached recruitment and HR professionals around the world and asked them the simple question, “What are the most common interview errors that stop you from hiring someone?”

This book lists the 40 most common reasons, the icebergs that all too often send a job application to the ocean floor. But to know that an iceberg is on the horizon is not enough. How do you get round it? That’s why each section has several tips which will help you steer a course to the safety of your port or destination: the job you really want. Read on – and Happy Job Hunting!